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Our business model revolves around the concept of supplying Real Estate investors, like yourself, with cheap houses. I know for some people they might wonder why we don't just keep all of the deals for ourselves instead of selling them. Some people think that we couldn't possibly be providing great deals because we would keep them all if the deals were actually that great.

The truth of the matter is that we would simply rather make a small profit on each house and skip over the hassle of having to actually repair the house. You see, we're GREAT at finding awesome deals on houses and negotiating the very best prices on them - BUT, we're not experts at rehabbing, renting, and flipping... so we'll leave that up to you.

A long while back, we just decided that we would put our focus into the things that we are best at. On the other side, we decided that we would team up with other serious investors who were highly interested in the deals we can dig up. It's a match made in Real Estate Heaven. We get to spend time on what we're good at, like finding great deals - and you spend time on what you are good at, like making money by renting and rehabbing houses.

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