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CheapAtlantaDeals.com is your #1 provider of Atlanta Investment Real Estate. Also, listen to this... all of our Atlanta deals are off-market, deeply-discounted, and un-listed. Don't bother looking through the Atlanta Real Estate MLS - that's where all your competition is looking. What we've got for you are those hard to find, needle-in-a-haystack deals that you've been searching so hard to find!

One of the trickiest parts to being a Real Estate Investor is securing a reliable stream of properties within your target market. The great thing is that with us, you've got a constant supply of houses to work with. We're Atlanta Real Estate wholesalers, and we're experts at handling the marketing, the leg-work, and all the other tedious tasks involved with locating the best Real Estate opportunities.

Each and every month, we spend thousands of marketing dollars to bring you the kinds of houses that Investors like you are looking for. There are a variety of strategies we deploy such as bandit signs, bill boards, direct mail, pay-per-click ads, press releases, newspaper ads, and more! Also, it takes a tremendous amount of coordination and skill to effectively handle the outrageous volume of incoming leads required to produce the deals you are looking for. We work hard... FOR YOU!

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By connecting with Cheap Atlanta Deals, you are setting yourself up to receive an on-going stream of the best investment opportunities available in the Atlanta, GA market. As a Real Estate professional, your success hinges on establishing reliable sources of houses that you can make offers on and purchase. It doesn't get any easier than getting connected, watching your email, and making offers on Atlanta deals!

Once you enroll, you will receive our "Deal Alert" emails regularly - usually at least 3-4 per week. The trick then is to pick out the houses that work best for your investment needs, and send in an offer anytime you see one that you would like to take dibs on. Our houses sell quickly, so it is important to act quickly on the ones you want to buy.

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Everyone in the business should be on the lookout for more & better options for Real Estate funding. Whether you are just getting started in the business, or if you have exhausted your current pool of funding - this is one area where MORE options are always better. We partnered with a ground-breaking company that specializes in INVESTMENT funding. Take a look and see how they can grow your business. Who knows - it might just make the difference in you being able to snag our next killer deal instead of having to pass on it due to lack of funding. Real Estate Funding!

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If you've been in the business for more than a month, you understand the VITAL importance that your supply of incoming Real Estate LEADS will have on your success. Now, equally important in your ability to manage and convert those leads onto money. If your lead management system is lacking in any way, then you are losing a lot of money. If this at all sounds like an area where your investment business can use some TLC, then I highly recommend that you consider investing into a software solution that can get your business on the right track. Real Estate Business Software!

Investor Education

Every Real Estate entrepreneur has an area within their business that could use some work. What I'm talking about here are the fundamentals. Leads, Systems, & Connections. I can speak from experience that a Real Estate business is constantly evolving, and unless we are diligent about recognizing the "weak areas", eventually small issues can develop into BIG problems. Take a close look at your business and make the determination of where the need is in your business. Once you know where you could use some help, take a minute and Learn Something New!